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Imprint Fall 2015 Collection

 Imprint by K. Sherri was originally inspired by Titanic's, The Heart of the Ocean. I noticed there is a lack of hand dyed fabrics and an effort to use resources and practices that support sustainability in red carpet attire. I decided to make a collection that has a great emphasis on breaking the boundaries of red carpet attire while using materials and processes that aren't harmful to our environment.


This collection consists of cotton and rayon fabrics naturally and hand dyed with indigo, grey, and blue dyes. All of these pieces were handcrafted using materials that are biodegradable (Cotton, Rayon, and Nylon) and/or recyclable (Polyurethane/Pleather). With this collection, I hope to emphasize a new age of eco-friendly evening wear. It's time for a transformation of textiles and fabrics to appear on the red carpet and I believe Imprint is the beginning of this revolution.

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